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About Our Operation

We are a family owned and operated location lying just east of Circle, Montana. We are the third generation on our place and are extremely grateful to do what we love. Our production sale began in 1987 and has only progessed from there. By selecting cows with great maternal traits and genetics we have built up a herd we are very proud of and happy to share with you.

Genetics and disposition are the most critical things we look for when selecting our replacement heifers and sale bull calves. We try to keep up on the latest trends in this industry and offer quality bulls that maintain a moderate frame and high carcass numbers. All of our cattle are quiet and pleasant to be around, or Curt would never get any help from the girls! 

Our cattle are hardy and know how to take care of themselves in the often tough climate of northeastern Montana. The calves we sell are no different. We proudly offer replacement heifers every fall, that have done extremely well in all parts of the country. If you have any questions about out program feel free to call us! 
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